Member gets member - terms and conditions



Within the program "Recommend to a friend", we invited the registered IQOS users to get "Credit" by inviting their friends who are adult smokers to buy IQOS special offers in precisely defined IQOS retail points of sale. The General Conditions of the program "Recommend to a friend" that are listed here apply to the person who recommends (hereinafter "Referrer") and the person who is recommended (hereinafter "Referred Party"), hereinafter commonly referred to as the “Participants”.

Philip Morris Operations a.d. Niš has the right to suspend, cancel or change the General Conditions of the "Recommend to a friend" program at any moment and for any reason. Credit obtained in accordance with the General Conditions until the moment of change, suspension or cancellation will be accepted.

Information on the "Referred Party":
 By participating in the "Recommend to a friend" program, the Referred Party accepts that Philip Morris Operations a.d. Niš may, at its sole discretion, share the phone number of the Referred Party, as well as the status of the referral code in the Referrer's account in order to inform the Referrer about the Credit collected. Philip Morris Operations a.d. Niš shall not share details other than those listed. If they do not want the Referrer to receive the above information, the person should not purchase the IQOS special offer using the referral code. In this way, participation in the "Recommend to a friend" program will not be successful.

1. Right to participate

Participants must be over 18 years of age and smokers, i.e. IQOS users. Participants must be residents of the Republic of Serbia, proving this by showing an ID card to the sales staff, if requested. Participants must be actual people.

Persons who acquire the right to participate as Referrers must:

  • Be registered IQOS users.
  • Additionally, Philip Morris Operations a.d. Niš can choose special groups of consumers that they want to include in the program.

2. Credit

Credit can be earned as follows:

  • The Referrer shares their unique referral code received from the team organizing the program.
  • The person receiving the code (Referred Party) is obliged to show the code at the time of purchase of the IQOS special offer.
  • The Referred Party is not an already registered IQOS user.
  • The Referred Party is registered at the time of purchase, according to the valid purchase rules of the IQOS special offer.
  • The referral code that the Referred Party shows is a valid code, which will be determined by checking the system at the time the code is shown.
  • The Referred Party and the Referrer must always be different persons.

A successful referral will be considered a referral in which all the above conditions are met and the purchase is finalized. The Referrer will receive a special offer when purchasing and registering an IQOS device for the first time. The Referrer will receive credit in the amount of RSD 500 on their account, which will be confirmed by SMS.

The Referrer can get credit up to 8 times in total. The referral code is valid indefinitely from the date of delivery to the Referrer.

The "Recommend to a friend" program can only be used for personal, non-commercial purposes.

Products purchased using the Credit cannot be returned in exchange for money. The Credit cannot be exchanged for cash, transferred to another person or used outside of IQOS points of sale. When spending the credit, the Referrer can use the credit in the amount of 500 RSD (1000, 1500, etc.) and it is not possible to get change if the Referrer wants to buy goods with a lower price than the provided rounded value of the credit. Misuse of the Credit is a cause of exclusion from the program and possible further legal consequences.

The company Philip Morris Operations a.d. Niš will, if it has independently determined that the Participants have fulfilled the General Conditions, confirm that the Participants have achieved the bonuses provided by the terms of the Program. The Referrer will automatically receive the Credit, saved in their virtual account, created for the needs of the "Recommend to a friend" program. Philip Morris Operations a.d. Niš may send an SMS or e-mail to any of the Participants if it is necessary to submit a notification on the status of the Credit or Referral Code.

The Credit that the Referrer acquires can be used within a period of 12 months, from of the first day of acquiring the Credit. Credit that has not been used within 12 months of the date of acquisition will be automatically cancelled.

Unless otherwise regulated by this document, the participants are responsible for other taxes and duties that may arise as a result of using or obtaining the Credit or discount.

The catalog and prices of products that can be purchased using the Credit are defined by the Retailer and are subject to change.

The prices of products that can be purchased using the CODE of the Referrer are defined by the Retailer.

Credit amount calculation is an automatic process, based on the use of Referral Codes and the purchase of IQOS special offers, in IQOS retail points of sale. Philip Morris Operations a.d. Niš reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to examine compliance with the General Conditions.

3. Sharing the Referral Code

The Referrer shall not share or publish the Referral Code in a manner or place where there is no reasonable basis for the audience to be adult smokers or IQOS users to whom the Referral Code applies. The Referrer may share their Referral Code in any manner they wish, as long as that type of communication can be characterized as personal communication. Advertising or mass promotion of the Referral Code is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate exclusion from the Program, without the possibility of using the previously acquired Credit. The Referrer will be exempt and will not hold Philip Morris Operations a.d. Niš, its directors, shareholders, employees, agents and associates liable in the event of any claims arising as a reason for the illegal sharing of the Referral Code.

4. Protection against corruption

By sharing the Referral Code, purchasing an IQOS special offer and being eligible for the Credit, each participant agrees and accepts the following conditions regarding protection against corruption: You are not a government official, a term that includes any employee in the government service, candidate for public office, or employees of legal entities partially or wholly owned or controlled by the country, public international organizations or political parties. Government officials are not authorized to obtain the Credit. You will inform us immediately if you are a government official. In connection with referral activities or bonuses, (i) you will not directly or indirectly offer, promise to any third party including a government official or solicit, receive or get promises for you or another person, any gift, payment, reward, compensation or other benefit that could be considered a bribe or illegal corrupt practice, and (ii) and you will abide by all the laws governing the field of protection against corruption including the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the United Kingdom Bribery Act.

5. Miscellaneous

Philip Morris Operations a.d. Niš reserves the right to investigate participation in the Program in order to detect any abuses and to take all necessary measures to prevent or eliminate them. These measures may imply that Philip Morris Operations a.d. Niš decides to cancel the sale of the IQOS special offer at a reduced price. Any Credit acquired through abuse or non-compliance with the General Conditions will have a value of zero and a refund may be requested by Philip Morris Operations a.d. Niš.

Philip Morris Operations a.d. Niš reserves the right to contact all Participants who acquire Credit in an amount greater than 13,001 RSD (the amount defined by the law on taxes and the income of citizens) and request additional information in accordance with the law (Unique Master Citizen Number, etc.), for the purpose of regulating liabilities to the country and the payment of taxes by the company Philip Morris Operations a.d. Niš. Participants who refuse to submit additional data will not be able to use the Credit in the amount above the specified threshold.

PMOP, in accordance with the rules of the "Recommend to a friend" program, has the right to exclude the Participant as soon as the Participant reaches the limit of 8 referrals.

Serbian law applies to the "Recommend to a friend" program. In case of any dispute, the Basic Court in Nis will have jurisdiction.

The "Recommend to a friend" program is organized by the company Philip Morris Operations a.d. Niš, Bulevar 12. Februara 74, Niš, Serbia.