IQOS device replacement is now also possible in the new IQOS zones

As you are already used to, with the special filters located on our IQOS store locator, you can easily determine which of the IQOS zones you are interested in and find out the address and working hours of a certain IQOS zone.

IQOS store locator: filter IQOS ZONE

If you click on the IQOS zone filter, you will see on the map all IQOS zones where you are allowed to purchase IQOS devices.

IQOS store locator: filter SERVICE ZONE

If you click on the SERVICE ZONE filter, you will see on the map all IQOS zones where it is possible to service the device, clean the device, as well as replace the device in case of failure of your device.


If you click on the ZONE FOR SPENDING EARNINGS filter, you will see on the map all IQOS zones where it is possible to use your credit that you have collected in the IQOS club.


If you click on the DEVICE REPLACEMENT filter, you will see on the map all IQOS zones where it is possible to replace your device in case of failure.

All you need to do to find out which new IQOS zones are is to click on our IQOS Store Locator page by clicking on the link below: https://rs.iqos.com/en/store-locator 

Before going to the IQOS zone, you can always contact the IQOS Care team of agents, ready to advise you and solve any of your potential problems.


Whether you are using IQOS 3 Duo, IQOS 3, IQOS 3 Multi, or IQOS 2.4 Plus, for some of the potential problems such as:

  • Slow charging of IQOS devices
  • Flashing status lights in red
  • Need device reset
  • Lack of aerosols

You can already find answers to these questions on our support page.

For other device problems, such as physical damage to the device itself or if your IQOS has a broken heater blade, we recommend that you contact customer support.

You are not able to visit any of the IQOS zones in person? Visit IQOS Virtual Store

If for any reason you are not able to visit any of the listed IQOS zones in person, we have provided a solution for that as well.

From now on, your IQOS zone is just a click away from you, and our experts are closer to you than ever. In the lower right corner of our website, you can start communicating with them by clicking on the button.

To make the whole experience as sophisticated as our device, we decided to talk to you live, pay close attention and establish personal contact - because you deserve it.

Visit our IQOS Virtual store, talk to our agents and ask them anything you are interested in. Our experts will introduce you to IQOS models via video, explain how they are used, how they are maintained, and answer all your questions regarding IQOS devices. To make the experience complete, you can share files with agents, they can share the screen and navigate you or simply resolve your concerns.

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