The IQOS team in Kragujevac: Are you WARMED UP for our city?

With the first summer days, THE WARM-UP ZONE is coming to Kragujevac. On June 24-26, from 4 pm until 10 pm, our IQOS team is expecting you in the city's pedestrian zone – to warm up together for the change coming to Kragujevac.

Why should you come?

Because, as our IQOS user, you've already made a better choice and an important step towards a smoke-free future. Our WARM-UP zone is the right place and opportunity to check if you are ready for the changes brought by IQOS.

The invitation applies to you and your friends, adult smokers, who also want to get information about the smoke-free world, the benefits of tobacco-heating technology, and IQOS, as the leading device in the category of tobacco heating systems.


The Warm-up Zone is not a ‘boiling point’, but it is the center of all events that the IQOS team is preparing for all Kragujevac citizens. Our team will provide you with the opportunity to connect facts about the IQOS system and the tobacco heating technology and to recognize your favorite color of the IQOS accessories.

If you are WARMED UP to play your game, you may win some of the interesting prizes designed especially for you, which we have prepared in collaboration with local brand Dechko Tzar.

But that’s not all!

On June 24-26, we will turn a section of the pedestrian zone into a small street gallery, where local artists will create art illustrating a direction of change they see in Kragujevac, within the ‘MY CITY IS CHANGING’ exhibition.

Through their work during the exhibition, the artists will present the change they want to see in the city and every artist will create their own vision on pre-defined parts of the city.

Seize the special opportunity

Until June 27, all adult smokers can get their IQOS 3 DUO device at the price of RSD 5,950, with mandatory registration, plus a voucher on 2,000 dinars they can use in any IQOS zone.

The offering is valid for Kragujevac alone

But the WARM-UP is just beginning and we have selected Kragujevac as the starting point. We are planning to visit other cities in Serbia as well, so, stay tuned for more news!