Summer is the right time to make new decisions and create small rituals that will allow you to make your favorite season even more beautiful. We want you to fully enjoy this summer and leave the bad old habits behind. However, it is important that you do it the right way and with style.


That's why we have prepared a special offer for you with special gifts that will bring color into your day.


Take this opportunity of our exclusive online offer and between June 21 and July 17 order online white or gray IQOS 3 DUO at a special price of only 4.000 RSD you'll get a door cover and a cap in one of six colors for free.


This offer allows you to completely personalize and style your IQOS device and make your new step in the IQOS world unique.




*Offer is valid from 21.6. to 17.7. or until stocks last for existing and new users who have registered on the site. At the points of sale outside the online store, the price of this set is 5,700 RSD.

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