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Style this summer.

New IQOS Summer Collection of accessories for 2019.

The weather is warming up, and that means being outdoors and being active. So, some extra protection for IQOS devices can come in handy, especially when they add a colorful splash to summer wardrobes of our consumers. A new line-up of accessories for IQOS 3 and IQOS 3 Multi gives IQOS a personal touch and keeps them wrapped in stylish portability.

Slide on some customized protection for IQOS 3 with six new silicone sleeves. Made of silicone, they're available in shades of dark pewter, marine, scarlet, teal green, cloud and coral.

​Are you used to visiting new places with a camera slung over your shoulder? Then you know that a blue sky is good news. It means you wll have great snapshots. You’ve learned to love Cloud blue, which makes it the perfect color for your IQOS accessories.

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Is Summer a season of endless parties for you? A time when warm nights become bright mornings while you are enjoying the night, dressed to impress? Then you are the right fit for our vibrant Scarlet accessories range. This shade of red is a statement of glamorous, fearless and fun-loving

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If you are a free spirit with a love of the green outdoors, picturing the perfect summer’s day in the park with friends, surrounded by the emerald grass and a clear sky, then your summer color is Teal Green - a bright yet calm blend of emerald and blue

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Would your friends describe you as relaxed and laid-back? Do you happily inhabit both the tech world and the music sphere? Then your IQOS will look best in Dark pewter. Chilled out but not chilly, unique but approachable, subtle and understated color suits you

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If you are comfortable with luxury and plan most of your summer holidays in sophisticated locations where they serve luxurious cocktails, perfect for pull side sipping, then you summer color is Coral. Your IQOS will look as good in it as you do in your latest sunglasses.

Do you spend your working days in an office, but at the same time value your individuality? Then it’s time to opt out of black and grey, and choose Marine - an elegant color that express itself without feeling the need to shout

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​Keeping It All Together with IQOS 3 Fabric Folio

The new IQOS 3 Folio makes keeping IQOS essentials in one place easier. Available in indigo and red color, developed with convenience and accessibility in mind for our consumers, they can hold an IQOS 3 device and accessories.


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Keeping all at hand with the IQOS 3  Fabric Sleeve. Designed to provide convenience in a compact format, they’re also available in three different colors: grey, indigo and red.