IQOS ljubičasta boja

Purple color is the color of the fall

New colors from IQOS accessories collection.
Fall doesn’t need to be gloomy. Cheer yourself up with the most popular colors of this season.In variety of combinations that can help you make your IQOS look special, we recommend that you take a look at our offer of IQOS caps and doors in purple color.

Purple color combines calm stability of blue and fierce energy of red. Besides it fits perfectly to any device, this color, which is often associated with royalty, symbolizes pride, creativity and ambition. Also, this color is rare to find in nature, which makes it delicate and precious. Don’t be shy to emphasize your uniqueness and elegance with some of the purple accessories from our offer.

Using only two steps you can easily change the look of your 3.0 device. To customize your Door Cover, pull off the shiny part to detach it from the Pocket Charger. It can be put back into place using two internal magnets.

For the 2.4P and 3.0 Multi users we suggest that you use purple colored caps to complete your romantic and elegant look. Discover more at our zones.