IQOS 3 DUO Iridescent door Twilight


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The unique IQOS 3 Duo iridescent door cover helps you to further accentuate and personalize your favorite elegant tobacco heating system.

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The advanced technology of IQOS 3 Duo tobacco heating system

IQOS 3 Duo iridescent door cover is a perfect fit for your new and improved IQOS 3 Duo. Revolutionary IQOS HeatControl™ technology allows tobacco to be heated up to 350°C, instead of being burned. Heating tobacco creates vapor, which enables the consistent taste of tobacco that users can enjoy.

Moreover, the latest IQOS 3 Duo device uses a new ProtectPlus™ system, which offers:

  • Extremely fast charging times
  • Two consecutive uses without having to wait
  • Greater device protection due to the strong outer shell

Create your own IQOS 3 Duo device with the help of IQOS accessories

IQOS has managed to create a unique experience of enjoying tobacco thanks to its combination of technology and style. Besides iridescent door covers, IQOS accessories include:

IQOS 3 Duo accessories: functionality and style rolled into one

IQOS cleaning tools and cleaning sticks are there to help maintain and care for your IQOS device. When you know that you will spend most of your day on the go, IQOS 3 Duo chargers, car mounts, as well as car trays are the right choice for you.

If you are looking for something that would fit right into your home or office interior, consider opting for IQOS ceramic trays for used tobacco sticks disposal. 

What are the benefits of the IQOS 3 Duo iridescent door cover?

IQOS door cover belongs to a large selection of IQOS accessories and the IQOS 3 Duo iridescent door cover is designed to elevate your personal style.

This one-of-a-kind piece of accessory is available in the Sunrose color.


IQOS 3 DUO Iridescent door Twilight