We welcome you to the club that thinks about your needs

Change starts with the smallest steps. IQOS CLUB is here to see you on your way. Ask, seek advice, give us feedback, because we are on this journey together and we will be your support that you can always count on.

The moment you join the IQOS CLUB, you start collecting IQOS points that will give you access to numerous benefits and privileges, which are there to make your everyday unforgettable.

Always remember that - more points enable more experiences and offers created just for you.


This is a club that thinks of you and knows what you need.

Complete your style with IQOS accessories

IQOS is here to support your unique style, that's why we're giving you a 50% discount on the purchase of accessories. Our wide selection of accessories with distinctive designs allows you to personalize and protect your IQOS device.

What benefits do you have as a Silver user?

• You can expect many different offers for your IQOS device and every month we will prepare something new for you

• When you buy in the online IQOS store, we will deliver everything to your home address for free, wherever you are in Serbia

• For an even better experience and greater enjoyment of the IQOS CLUB, we have prepared many partner offers and benefits


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Sakupi poene za ponude za članove IQOS Cluba, i uživaj u uzbudljivim pogodnostima.​
Ovaj proizvod nije bez rizika i oslobađa nikotin, koji izaziva zavisnost. Samo za punoletne.