A few tips on how to have the ultimate IQOS experience

Now that IQOS has become a part of your everyday life, it's important to take care of your device so that it works as well as possible, lasts longer and your experience is optimal. We will share with you a few tips that, once they become a habit, allow your device to work optimally.


Charge your IQOS device at night with the IOQS charger

The battery capacity is large enough to last the whole day, and the device takes approximately 2 hours to fully charge. That's why it's best to charge it while you sleep. In order to make your battery life as long as possible, use the original IQOS charger and charge directly via the wall outlet, not using a laptop. Your battery will always be full and the device will always be ready for use.

The best experience with a clean device

It is important that your device is always clean. You will achieve the best results if you let the device cool down before cleaning, and then, using the IQOS cleaner, thoroughly clean the device with special care, so as not to damage the blade of the heater. Additionally, we recommend that you use special IQOS cleaning sticks for even more detailed care of the device. Clean the device after consuming one pack of tobacco cartridges or once a day, and you will always have a flawless IQOS experience.


Keep your device at an optimal temperature

Most electrical devices have optimal operating temperatures, in the case of IQOS devices, it is a range of 0 to 50 degrees Celsius. At lower temperatures, the battery drains faster, just like a mobile phone. Therefore, it is best to always keep the IQOS device at room temperature. Also, avoid leaving the device in the sun or near other heat sources.

But don't worry, we are always here for you and offer you :

  • Quick replacement of the device in case of failure
  • Device replacement after serious physical damage



myIQOS team

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