Are There Common Reasons Why Vapes Stop Working?

Vapes typically contain several components, and, as with various other battery-powered devices, sometimes the device can encounter problems that prevent it from working as intended by the manufacturer. While it may be possible to correct many of the common problems, you should always follow the manufacturer’s guidance and instructions. The type of device - and whether it is a rechargeable or disposable vape – may determine the method proposed by the manufacturer. For adult vapers interested to learn more about device-related issues, what are some of the common reasons a vape stops working?


Why Has My Rechargeable Vape Stopped Working?


For rechargeable devices, you could look for one of the following factors that could prevent a vape from working.


- Connection issues - This may occur between the tank and the battery. A careful clean (perhaps with a cotton bud or other manufacturer recommended item) around the terminal area could help to clear the build-up of old e-liquid or particles.
 - Power button failure - Check the power button is on.
 - Atomizer failure – In some devices it is possible to check the atomizer by rotating the device to see if it is damaged. Dropping or knocking a device while it is being transported might cause an atomizer failure.
 - A faulty coil - E-liquid can sometimes clog the coil. You could also check to see if the coil has become loose. Depending on the model of the vape, vape coils can degrade over time and may need replacing in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines.
 - E-liquid leakage – This can occur if the tank has been overfilled. You might also find a vape is leaking because there is not enough e-liquid inside for the device to work as intended by the manufacturer.
 - Issues with o-rings - Depending on the model of the vape, the rubber o-ring on it might degrade over time and may need replacing in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines.
 - Overtightened tank – This may occur during the refilling process, and it can sometimes prevent the vape from working as intended by the manufacturer.
 - A faulty battery – Depending on the model of the vape, the battery may degrade over time. Eventually, a vape’s battery may eventually require replacing in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines.


With these methods, it might be possible to get your rechargeable vape working again. Note that some of these methods won’t be available or possible for all vapes, or they may not be recommended by the manufacturer. Before performing any maintenance on a device, you should always consult the manufacturer’s guidance and instructions.


Disposable Vape Stopped Working


For some disposable vapes, they may on occasion, fail to produce vapour when there is an air bubble inside the pre-filled cartridge. An air bubble may prevent sufficient airflow. Compared to the methods listed above for rechargeable vapes, our list of possible actions to remedy the common reasons a disposable vape stops working is not as long. This is because disposable devices generally have a shorter lifespan than a rechargeable vape, and typically, for example, don’t have a battery that can be replaced. Note that in any case, you should always follow the manufacturer’s guidance and instructions. 


Aside from any faults, the amount of time a disposable device continues to work generally depends on how quickly the e-liquid is used up. Other disposable device issues can include a faulty battery or even leaking e-liquid. The latter might occur if there is a crack inside the device - which could prevent the vape from working properly.


Once in a while you may encounter a faulty disposable product due to a malfunction. In which case, it may be time to replace it and get in touch with the manufacturer.


Ways That May Help a Vape Work as Intended


There are various measures recommended by manufacturers which an adult smoker or vaper can take to help ensure their new vape works well and as intended by the manufacturer. Here are some tips on care routine and maintenance that could help preserve its condition – but of course please first consult manufacturer’s guidance and instructions:


- Store your vape carefully – For some vapes its recommended to keep them out of direct sunlight and make sure the device is stored is upright. You could also use a lid if you have one to limit the likelihood of your device leaking. The device may move around in your pocket or bag.
 - Purchase a vape case - This is a preventative measure for carrying your vape recommended by some manufacturers that may help to stop damage - especially damage which may be caused by dropping your device, which can cause leaks and other device related problems.
 - Avoid extreme temperatures – For example, in some devices this can cause your vape’s e-liquid to thin, and might even cause battery damage.
 - Regularly clean your device – Vapes usually come with manufacturer guidance and advice on how best to clean it. This may include information on cleaning components such as the tank.
 - Replace parts like the coil and the battery where possible – Some devices coils and batteries may degrade over time, and you may be able to replace these components in accordance with manufacturer’s guidance and instructions.


Reliable Smoke-Free Alternatives

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There are numerous common reasons why vapes stop working. For any problems, always consult manufacturer’s instructions and guidance. For recurring issues, you should get in touch with the manufacturer. By taking the time to look after a device properly, you may be able to prevent common problems and keep the device working as intended by the manufacturer.

The best decision any adult smoker can make is to quit tobacco and nicotine use altogether. IQOS are not alternatives to quitting and are not designed as cessation aids.

This article is for general information and educational purposes. Some of the information in this article is based on external, third-party sources and we make no representations or warranties of any kind regarding the accuracy, validity or completeness of such information.

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