What is heated tobacco?

What is heated tobacco?


Currently, there are four heated tobacco devices available: IQOS ILUMA Series and lil SOLID Ez. IQOS has two main components – a holder and a charger. The second type of device is an integrated, all-in-one device that combines the holder and the charger. IQOS is for adults who would otherwise continue to smoke or use other nicotine products.


Within the first category is our most advanced IQOS device yet, the IQOS ILUMA. The IQOS ILUMA holder provides two consecutive experiences without the need to recharge the holder and 20 tobacco experiences overall before the need to recharge the pocket charger; it’s equipped with our fastest charging holder to date (only 1 minute and 50 seconds to the first use) and comes with over 1000 customization options thanks to our wide range of IQOS accessories.


lil SOLID Ez is another heat-not-burn device by IQOS. lil SOLID is easy to use device using ping heading technology to heat tobacco from the inside. 


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How do IQOS heat-not-burn devices work?


All IQOS heat-not-burn devices work in the same way: first, insert the heatstick into the holder. Next, push a button to turn on the heater and then draw on the heatstick. Once the heatstick is finished, simply remove it from the holder and dispose of it.


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