Create new rituals with the new LIL SOLID device

And to help customers choose a better choice than to continue smoking, we have also created a special offer of RSD 1,989 and a voucher of RSD 950 for each new LIL SOLID device.

How does the LIL SOLID device work?

Equipped with a system that uses a heating needle, LIL SOLID thus helps to heat the tobacco from the inside and provides the full taste of tobacco without ash and smoke.

The taste created by the LIL SOLID device is the taste of real tobacco, which is heated, not burned. Precisely because of combustion, LIL SOLID produces 95% less harmful ingredients compared to cigarettes.

It takes some time to get used to the new taste and it is important not to combine LIL SOLID with cigarettes during this period, in order to feel all the benefits of heating tobacco

Benefits of LIL SOLID devices

The LIL SOLID simple and practical device enables between 20 and 25 experiences in one single charge *, as well as 3 consecutive consumption without waiting. The design of the device brings the right balance between dimensions and practicality and is therefore suitable for holding in the hand or pocket.

You can choose your LIL SOLID device at a promotional price of RSD 1,989, and with the purchase, you can also pick up a voucher for RSD 950.

This offer is valid from 3 to 13.6.2021. years.

* Depending on the declining battery performance and usage conditions

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