Do you know why regular cleaning of IQOS devices is so important?

We know that you take care of your device, but we want to remind you that proper and regular cleaning of IQOS devices is very important, so that you have the right taste of tobacco and fully enjoy your IQOS ritual.

We are always there for you, and now we invite you to visit the nearest IQOS zone and check the cleanliness of your device. There you can find a machine that simulates consumption and measures the flow of aerosols in your device. If your IQOS device contains tobacco residues or does not have a high enough aerosol pressure, we will clean it thoroughly and then repeat the measurement until we get satisfactory results. 

Cleaning IQOS devices at home

To maintain an IQOS device in your home, we answer the question of how to clean IQOS, all in just a few simple steps.

  1. To begin the cleaning process, allow the IQOS holder to cool down.
  2. Remove the cap and shake the holder gently to remove any tobacco residue.
  3. Insert the cleaner into the holder straight down and rotate the cleaner 2-3 times back and forth with light movements.
  4. Use IQOS cleaning sticks and thoroughly clean the inside of the holder and cap.
  5. Clean your device every day or after every 20 uses.

By regularly cleaning the device, you will enjoy the true taste of tobacco with each consumption.