Be certain it is a better choice

Visit the IQOS Boutique and see the difference in carbon monoxide levels among smokers and IQOS users.

How does our carbon monoxide meter work?

The carbon monoxide meter works on a simple principle and gives very precise results.

All you have to do is exhale into the disposable extension that is connected to the device and the level of carbon monoxide is displayed on the screen.

What is carbon monoxide?

Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that is produced during combustion, such as the combustion of tobacco in cigarettes.

When inhaled, it passes through our lungs and reaches our bloodstream, so more effort is needed to provide oxygen to all parts of the body.

Why is IQOS a better choice?

IQOS heats tobacco, does not burn it, and thus produces on average 98% less carbon monoxide and significantly lower levels of other harmful ingredients compared to cigarettes.*

That is why IQOS is a better choice compared to continuing to smoke cigarettes.

*Important information: This does not mean a 98% reduction in risk. IQOS is not risk-free and delivers nicotine which is addictive.

Where can you take the test?

Test the levels of carbon monoxide in your body in the IQOS Boutique in TC Gallery and see for yourself the better choice that IQOS offers you.

Come and visit us.

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