Spring is in the air. Smoke shouldn't be.

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IQOS Boutique in Two New Locations: Fusion of Art and a New Meeting Place

Please join us for the opening of our new location, where we will also be unveiling a new art installation.


Are There Common Reasons Why Vapes Stop Working?

Vapes typically contain several components, and, as with various other battery-powered devices, sometimes the device can encounter problems that prevent it from working as intended by the manufacturer.


Cigarette Smoke Smell and Lingering Smell from Cigarettes

Lingering cigarette smells can be frustrating for an adult smoker. The residue a cigarette produces when it burns coats everything it comes into contact with – including walls, sofas and curtains.


Does Heated Tobacco Have Risks?

Is heated tobacco better than continuing to smoke? Learn the risks and benefits of using heated tobacco in comparison to cigarettes.


How Long Does a Heated Tobacco Experience Last?

Learn how long a heated tobacco and tobacco sticks experience lasts. This article explores the lifespan of tobacco heating devices.


This winter too Kopaonik is in IQOS syle

Find IQOS zones at Kopaonik this winter.


Can You Use Heated Tobacco in Public?

Rest assured, on private property, so long as heated tobacco is legal in the region, it is not prohibited to use a heated tobacco device. However, this is not necessarily the case for using heated tobacco in public.


Heated Tobacco vs Smoking Cigarettes

Learn the differences when it comes to heated tobacco vs cigarettes. This article covers the topic in detail.


What’s in Heated Tobacco Devices and Consumables?

Explore the makeup of heated tobacco products, and learn if they are better than continued cigarette smoking.


Vaping and Heated Tobacco Products’ Smell vs Cigarettes

Discover the differences between vaping smell and heated tobacco smell, versus the smell emitted by cigarettes.


What Are the Airport Smoking Lounge Rules?

The smoking lounge of an airport is a designated space that allows smokers and users of vapes or heated tobacco to enjoy their cigarettes or smoke-free alternatives. The rules around smoking lounges will vary by airport, and that’s because every airport i