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PMI launches the IQOS ILUMA device in Europe: the latest and most innovative tobacco heating device

From distant Japan to Italy, Philip Morris International presented its revolutionary device for heating tobacco all over the world as well as in numerous European countries.


IQOS aplikacija je stigla - unapredi svoje iskustvo

IQOS aplikacija je stigla, a sa njom i osam mogućnosti za tvoje putovanje kroz svet bez duvanskog dima.


What are the Vape Kits for adult smokers?

For adults who would otherwise continue to smoke or use other nicotine products, vaping is a smoke-free alternative. Vaping is a different experience from smoking cigarettes. Cigarettes produce smoke because they burn tobacco, but with vapes, the vapour i


IQOS X Mirjana Bobić Mojsilović: Collection of authentic stories "A Better Choice"

If IQOS is your choice, you can get this collection of stories to be your support on the way to a smoke-free world as a gift.


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Lighter than the former lil and more colorful with a choice of 5 device colors.


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Bring in your used VEEV pods and VEEBA devices, and we'll make sure they're recycled.


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What is e liquid?

E liquid is an essential part of the vaping experience. It is the liquid used in e cigarettes or vaping devices. When the e liquid is heated, it produces an aerosol, also commonly referred to as vapor. E liquid is often flavored and may contain nicotine,


How to Clean IQOS or lil SOLID Device?

Only a clean device can give you the best experience.


What is passive smoking/secondhand smoke? Is secondhand smoke harmful?

Passive smoking occurs when someone who is not smoking breathes in tobacco smoke, such as cigarette smoke. It is also known as secondhand smoke. Secondhand smoke is a combination of the smoke produced from the lit end of a cigarette (or other combuste


The New Starry IQOS ILUMA STARDRIFT Limited Series is Coming Soon!

The holidays are upon us! Let your better choice shine even brighter with a star-inspired design.