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What if you experienсe anу issue with your lil SOLID device?​

If you have a new lil SOLID device and you are experiencing issues, first try to wake it up from sleep mode by pressing the button for 2 seconds or connecting the charger to the charging port. When the device is activated, its indicator will flash twice with red, orange, blue and dark blue.​

The next step is to check if it is charged. To check the charge level of the lil SOLID device: push the button or plug the device in a power outlet using the official USB Cable and AC Power Adaptor. The charging status of the device is displayed as follows: Blue (~ 60-100%), Ice Blue (~ 30-60%), Orange (~ 0-30%), Red (needs to be charged).​

State LED blinks red or orange

State LED blinks red for 3 seconds and vibrations occurs 3 times simultaneously – this means that the device is out of battery or has insufficient power. In that case, charge the device.​

Status LED blinks orange once for 3 seconds – device entered the sleep mode after 3 consecutive uses. Wait for 3min 30 sec for the device to cool down.​

State LED blinks red 5 times – the device is malfunctioning. Simply reset the device:​

1. Press the Button for 8 seconds, even if vibration occurs within 2 seconds.​
2. The device is reset, and the State LED blinks twice in red, orange, ice blue and blue, sequentially.​
3. When the device is completely reset, the State LED lights in ice blue for 1 second, and vibration occurs twice, simultaneously

lil SOLID produces a lingering smell​

The lingering smell most probably comes from the non-regular or non-thorough cleaning. We recommend cleaning the device on a regular basis after using 1 pack of sticks.​
If you continue to use the device without removing the debris or remnants, the device can heat up the remnants, which can produce the lingering smell.

No aerosol or poor aerosol delivery​

lil SOLID does not produce enough aerosol or does nor produce aerosol at all? Here are 2 simple steps to fix the problem:​

1. Try to gently rotate the stick in one direction. Check if it is broken/bent.​
2. If that does not help, then thoroughly clean the lil SOLID with a special brush, removing the remaining tobacco. Cleaning should be repeated every 20 uses.​
Remember to wait 25 seconds before the first puff, and pause in between to allow the pin to properly heat the tobacco.​

lil heating pin is broken or there is any other physical damage​

The pin can break if you use too much force when cleaning the device, so make sure you clean with gentle fingers. Also, roll the stick only one way to avoid damage.​

If your device is damaged, let us know. We will check if you are eligible for replacement and if you are, we will arrange it for you.

Difficult to remove/to insert the tobacco stick into lil SOLID ​

​You may experience this issue because the debris or remnants from the previous tobacco sticks may be stuck inside.​

Clean your device with a special lil SOLID brush and cleaning sticks. ​

That’s not all. There’s more useful information in our lil SOLID User Guide.​

Our lil SOLID User Guide will let you delve deeper into how your device works and what it can do.​

That’s not all. There’s more useful information in our lil Solid User Guide.

Our lil Solid User Guide will let you delve deeper into how your device works and what it can do.
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