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Celebrating 4 years together: Birthday offer in IQOS online shop

Celebrating IQOS Birthday with special offers.


US FDA decisions: a new milestone for IQOS

A key milestone: the FDA concludes that switching completely to IQOS reduces your body’s exposure to harmful and potentially harmful chemicals.


IQOS 3.0 device at special prices

The taste of real tobacco, without fire, ash and cigarette smoke, with advanced technology and recognizable style.


US Food and Drug Administration: IQOS is a modified risk product

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued its decision that IQOS, a product of Philip Morris, that heats, but does not burn tobacco, can be classified as a "modified risk tobacco product" (MRTP).


The concept of harm reduction as part of an anti-smoking strategy

Scientific studies show that certain tobacco products, such as e-cigarettes and devices that heat tobacco, are far less harmful than classic cigarettes.


For “harm reduction” approach in medicine requires an honest assessment of science and an open approach by decision makers

Dr. Peter Harper, founder and member of the International Association for the Study of Lung Diseases at a recent online panel discussion on harm reduction, points out that he sees his struggle in cooperation with the tobacco industry.


Experts: Tobacco smoke, not nicotine, is the cause of smoking-related diseases

Public health experts accuse tobacco smoke, not nicotine, of causing thousands of fatalities from smoking cigarettes every day.


Replacing classic cigarettes with proven alternatives improves the health of smokers

The results of a study by the British University of Dundee confirm that replacing classic cigarettes with proven alternatives in just one month can show a positive impact on the health condition of smokers.


The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has authorized IQOS for sale in the United States

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) confirmed that IQOS, a tobacco heating device, complies with the principle of public health protection and approved its sale in the USA.


New evidence of reduced risk of modern tobacco consumption

Switching to IQOS poses a lower risk of harm compared to smoking classic cigarettes, according to a six-month clinical study by Philip Morris (PMI) conducted in the United States.


Scientists: Only proven alternatives are better options for smokers' health

Several independent studies conducted within scientific institutions in the UK and the US confirm that reliable electronic devices, as well as tobacco alternatives that heat tobacco, are a much better solution for smokers than traditional cigarettes.


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