Delivery ordering terms


About us

The Internet delivery ordering platform at is run by Philip Morris Operations a.d. Niš, ID No. 07319665, with its registered office at Bulevar 12. februar 74, 18000 Niš, Republika Srbija, registered in accordance with the regulations of the Republic of Serbia, registration number with Serbian Business Registries Agency, BD. 37879/2005 dated August 29, 2005.


Why these terms?

1.  The purpose of these Delivery Ordering Terms (“DOT”) is to make you aware of the basic rules and principles of delivery ordering in our platform and our legal relationship arising therefrom. These DOT intentionally avoid detailed descriptions of issues that are self-evident from the context. These DOT have been made in English and in Serbian. In case of any discrepancy the Serbian version shall prevail.

2.  The delivery ordering platform is intended for orders with delivery addresses only in the Republic of Serbia 


Why we are so keen to know your age?

1.  As the goods offered in our Delivery Ordering Platform are electronic devices for the use of smokeless tobacco products, we have to ensure that we make no deliveries to persons under 18 years of age. That is why we request confirmation of your age when you visit our website and age verification both at registration and on delivery of the ordered goods.

2.  We will never make a delivery to a person under 18 years of age.

3.  The delivery ordering platform is accessible only to registered users. We verify a customer’s age during registration, while during the delivery of the device, the age and identity of the customer are inspected, in order to ensure the identity of the ordering party and the recipient. The check is preformed by inspecting and scanning the ID card of the ordering party by delivery service, on that occasion, your data is not processed or stored, but only the specified check.

4.  If you are under 18 years of age and register, your registration will be cancelled immediately after we become aware of this.


When and how the order is executed?

1.  You select the goods and the place of delivery in our delivery ordering platform, where you will also find information about the goods and their prices. The offer at delivery ordering platform is for your information only – it is non-binding and valid only as long as the retailer has the product in stock.

2.  By completing and sending the order form (by clicking on the relevant button), you make an offer to enter into a purchase contract with a licensed retailer; within 5 days, the offer may be accepted as is, or some part of it (after mutual agreement), or the offer may be rejected altogether by the retailer.

3.  By confirmation of your offer, a purchase contract is concluded between you and a licensed retailer with the content as given in confirmation and subject to these DOT; the relationship is, in all other respects, governed by applicable laws and legal regulations.


When you become the owner of the ordered goods?

The title to the goods ordered in the delivery ordering platform passes to you upon delivery by courier service on your home address and payment of the purchase price on delivery.



You assume the risk of damage to the product upon handover of the goods.