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Customised pleasure. Fast charging. Smart technology.
VEEV Pods system
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A vape you can trust.
Over 6 years of rigorous scientific research and developments underpin IQOS VEEV MESH™ heating technology. A unique technology that remains in constant contact with the e-liquid, delivering a consistent taste every time. This is Science and Technology Made Right.

Styled to fit your moment.
IQOS VEEV has been created with you in mind. It’s easy and convenient to use, robust, and designed to fit naturally in your hand and lips, in your pocket. This is Design Made Right.
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IQOS VEEV delivers consistent taste

IQOS VEEV heater's smart digital control is designed to detect when the e-liquid level is low and shut off the device to prevent overheating. So you can enjoy taste satisfaction and consistency. Every time.

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This product is not risk-free and delivers nicotine, which is highly addictive. For adult use only.